Belts & Buckles

  • Belts & Buckles (Men's)
  • Black Replacement Leather Kilt Strap with Buckle
  • Crossbelt in Black
  • Kilt Belt (2 1/2” Wide) with Buckle
  • Kilt Belt - 2 1/4" Wide
  • Kilt Belt Only -2 1/2" Wide
  • MOST POPULAR - Solid Pewter Hand Cast and Finish Kilt Belt Buckle - Celtic Knot & St. Andrews Cross
  • Solid Hand-Cast Bronze Buckle with Nickle Finish - Robert The Bruce
  • Solid Handcast and Finished Pewter Kilt Belt Buckle - Double Lions
  • Solid Pewter Handcast Scottish Thistle Belt Buckle
  • Belts & Buckles (Youth's)
  • Child’s Kilt Belt - 1 3/4" Wide
  • Choose the perfect belt and buckle from our extensive range to complement your semi-formal or casual kilt outfit. Please note that belts are not commonly worn with Prince Charlie outfits as they do not sit well with the style of vest worn under the jacket.

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