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Clan Badges & Clan Kilt Pins, Sashes & Scarves

Texas Bluebonnet District Tartan Sashes - Made of cool 11oz twill fabric 65%polyester/35% rayon in Scotland. New state of the art textile finish of "nanoshere" to resist stains.
Cloth has nice feel and is appropriate for Texas weather.
11" x 90" w/ straight fringe.

Texas Bluebonnet Tartan Scarves in 11oz twill - 65% polyester/35% rayon twill with new "nanosphere" stain preventative finish. Fabric made in UK and tailored in Scotland.
Scarf is 10" x 54" with 1" straight fringe, very comfortable, but has the right amount of feel for the Texas climate.

Ireland Hat Badge (Harp) - The harp and the heart are national symbols of Ireland.  This badge (or kilt pins) can be worn on the hat or as a brooch to fasten the plaid, sash, or scarf.  Fasten the latch carefully so that it is locked in place and will stay where it is fastened.

Clan Crest Scottish Badges & Kilt Pins - Made in Scotland of lead free pewter. We have over 250 available. As we stock some of the more common requested clans.  

Ireland Kilt Pin (Shamrock)

Irish Harp Kilt Pin (#IKP-1)

Irish Shamrock Kilt Pin (#IKP-2)

Clan Crest Kilt Pin - These kilt pins are both Scottish (and Irish).    But here you can order the kilt pin that matches the clan crest badge.  It is worn on the kilt or the skirt which serves as a weight to hold the fabric in place.

Thistle Kilt Pin (#TKP-1) - The thistle is the symbol of Scotland.  It is thought that it was used as such because enemies of the Scots would walk around their houses and when they walked they stepped on the sharp thistles.  This would cause the enemy to shout in pain,  alarming those who lived there! This allowed the Scots to protect themselves.

Scottish tartan sashes 10" x 90" plus 3" fringe from 10 oz worsted wool - Very nice sashes made in Scotland with a choice of 500 tartans. Please allow ample time to have made and shipped to you.
This is a fine worsted merino wool material that you will enjoy.

10 oz. worsted wool Scottish Tartan Scarves - 10" x 54" with 2" fringe in a nice worsted merino wool. Over 500 tartans available. Please allow time to receive this fine piece from Scoltand


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