• Sporrans & Sporran Chains (Men's)
  • Black Leather Pouch Wallet (EMAL-1004)
  • Black Leather Semi-Dress Sporran (EMSF-1008)
  • Black Leather Sporran, Embossed Celtic Spiral Design (#MSL-1019 )
  • Black Leather Sporran, Embossed Thistle Front and Flap with Three Braids (#MSL-1015)
  • Black Leather Sporran, Embossed Weaving, Front and Flap with Knotted Braided Tassels (#MSL-1020)
  • Black Leather Sporran, with Embossed Flap Studwork (#MSL-1002)
  • Black Leather Sporran, with Tear-Drop Flap and Thistle Badge (#MSL-1008)
  • Black Semi-Dress Sporran (#F011)
  • Brown Leather Sporran (#F029)
  • Calf Skin Dress Sporran
  • Calf Skin Dress Sporran (#F-021)
  • Clan Crested Sporran with Clan Badge, Red Foil under Badge (#MSL-1030)
  • Dress-Black Muskrat with Hand Chased Shamrock Cantle with Three Leather/Chain Tassels (#MSI-1070)
  • Horsehair for Bands or Formalwear with Pouch (#MSH-1002)
  • Horsehair with Heavily Thistled Metal Cantle (#MSH-1002A)
  • Irish Harp Badge Crest Sporran (#MSI-1020)
  • Larger, Super-Quality Fur Pouch Sporran
  • Muskrat Sporran (#F-014)
  • Plain Black Leather Sporran Strap
  • Raccoon Sporran (#F-014A)
  • Sporran Black Leather Strap with Nickel Chain for Under 40" Waist
  • Sporran Chain & Strap for 40" to 50" Waist
  • Sporran Chain & Strap for Over 50" Waist
  • Sporran For Day or Evening Wear (#SF-001)
  • Unlined Black Leather Sporran, With 3 Braided Tassels (#MSL-1001)
  • Sporrans & Sporran Chains (Youth's)
  • Child’s Dress Sporran (EMSF-1012)
  • Wee Sporran Black Leather (#MSL-1027)
  • The sporran (which is Scottish Gaelic for "purse"), a traditional part of male Scottish Highland dress, is a pouch that performs the same function as pockets on the pocketless kilt. Made of leather or fur, the ornamentation of the sporran is chosen to complement the formality of dress worn with it. The sporran is worn on a leather strap or chain.

    Since the traditional kilt does not have pockets, the sporran serves as a wallet and container for any other necessary personal items. It is essentially a survival of the common European medieval belt-pouch, superseded elsewhere as clothing came to have pockets, but continuing in the Scottish Highlands because of the lack of these accessories in traditional dress. The sporran hangs below the belt buckle.

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