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Tartan material is the official State of Texas tartan. Also, is the authorized copyrighted tartan in the Tartan Registry by the son of June Robertson the creator. Scotland Forever has the exclusive world wide license to make and distribute all Texas Bluebonnet District products.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to explain the history of this tartan. Our goal is to maintain the tartan integrity by always having the cloth made in Scotand to the thread count and colors registered. Shading may change over time as the fabric ages. Currently available in 13oz wool and 11.5oz Polyester 65%/Rayon 35% twill; all made in the UK to exact matching colors. Other weights are available by special order only.

Gent's Kilt - 13oz Worsted Wool Texas Blue Bonnet District Tartan -


Official tartan of the State of Texas as declared by the Texas State Legislature. "Scotland Forever" has exclusive license rights to weave the fabric in any fiber and tailor and produce products. Royalty fees are paid to copyright owner.

Stock Status: Custom Made to Order in Scotland

Delivery Time Normally Required: 4-6 weeks

Measurements & Other Details Required:
Desired Fabric Weight for Texas Blue Bonnet Tartan
 13oz Wool
 11.5oz Polyester (65%) and Rayon (35%) Twill
Height, in inches
Kilt waist, in inches

Measure around navel, NOT pant waist. Traditional kilts are worn high to allow pleats to hang properly.

Navel to middle of knee, in inches
Seat (around seat)

This allows the kilt waist to be tapered to the beginning of the pleats to hang properly.

Waist measurement (18 to 27) in inches
Waist measurement (26 to 38) in inches
Waist measurement (26 to 60) in inches
Waist measurement (38 to 60) in inches

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