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Handfinished Kilt from Scotland Worsted Wool Tartan - Hips to 50"


As with all our kilts, this garment is Made in Scotland by trained kilt makers, with the canvas lined waistband, 2 wide belt loops and 3 leather strap with buckles to ensure an excellent fit. Back is tapered to the pleats to your measurements. Add extra amount above 44 inches.

The kilt is hand finished from 8 yards of 13oz or 16oz. Scottish worsted wool. Available from a full range of tartans from the 5 major mills.

If you are unsure which tartan is appropriate, please call for recommendations.

Some of the less common tartans may need to be specially woven to order. Should this be the case the weaving time can be up to 8 weeks with a further 2 weeks for the kilt to be produced and delivered.

The great attention to detail is evident in the finish of this fantastic finished garment.

If you have any queries regarding the measurement process, or would like some additional information before placing your order please e-mail us.

Stock Status: Custom Made to Order in Scotland

Delivery Time Normally Required: 6-10 weeks

Measurements & Other Details Required:
Clan Name
Height, in inches
Kilt waist, in inches

Measure around navel, NOT pant waist. Traditional kilts are worn high to allow pleats to hang properly.

Navel to middle of knee, in inches
Seat (around seat)

This allows the kilt waist to be tapered to the beginning of the pleats to hang properly.

Waist measurement (38 to 60) in inches
Weight estimate in pounds

Which tartan would you like?

13 oz. per yard Fine Scottish Worsted Wool - 13 oz. per yard Tartans 54" to 59" wide - You can click to view all of these fabric swatches
15 -16 oz. per yard Fine Scottish Worsted Wool - 15 -16 oz per yard Fine Worsted Wool Tartans 54" wide - You can click to view all of these fabric swatches

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