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Kilt Rental Packages


Highest quality kilts and jackets made in Scotland. Packages can be customized to your needs for formal or more casual events.

13oz 100% kilt weight worsted wool and hand finished

  • Choose of Black Prince Charlie jacket and vest with silver buttons and fine detailing.
  • Choice of Black Argyle Day jacket with silver buttons and fine detailing
  • Fur or leather formal sporran
  • Kilt hose and matching flashes (garters)
  • Kilt pin option at no cost
  • Belt & buckle included with Argyle day jacket
  • Tux shirt not included in rental package, suggest local or online purchase to ensure sizing.

Include details of preferred sporran (fur or leather), kilt hose and matching flashes (indicate colors), and which kilt pin (if desired) via email.

Stock Status: In Stock

Delivery Time Normally Required: 3-5 days

Measurements & Other Details Required:
Chest size (26 to 60) in inches

Measure with arms down. Have someone help measure.

Height, in inches
Kilt waist, in inches

Measure around navel, NOT pant waist. Traditional kilts are worn high to allow pleats to hang properly.

Navel to middle of knee, in inches
Pant waist, in inches

Indicate measurement is below belly or above hips

Seat (around seat)

This allows the kilt waist to be tapered to the beginning of the pleats to hang properly.

Sleeve length, in inches

Measure from base of neck to desired cuff length. ( diagram)

Sock/kilt hose size

Socks/hose stretch. Suggest selecting next size up. Do not put in dryer as shrinkage may occur.

Best to soak in cool water and hang dry for long life and better fit.

Weight estimate in pounds

Which tartan would you like?

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