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Custom Boy's Highlander Kilt - Made in Scotland with plenty of pleats, great for hiking & games.
Great wearing teflon finish. Get matching miniplaid, and flashes with large brooch.
Order child's hose by size.

Regular Fly Plaid - 40"x40" straight fringe on 4 edges. 
10 oz.  $129 and up.  All weights based on mill fabric choice
13 oz. $250 and up
16 oz. $275 and up

Lion Brooch

Unicorn Brooch

Lovely Brooch with 4 Flower Petals of Amethyst Agate (#S60)

Larger Centered Amethyst Quartz Stone Brooch with 4 Surrounding Stones (#S29)

Shiny Metal Openweave Design Sets off Topaz Stone Brooch (#D13)

Circular Dark Amethyst Quartz Thistle Brooch (#E22)

Circular Brooch with Square Celtic Cross and Centered with Amethyst Agate (#S57)

Unusual Celtic Cross Brooch of Black Onyx (#S02)

Circular of Leaves Brooch Centered with Dark Amethyst (#E21)

Circular Thistle Cabochan Quartz Amethysts Brooch (#S31)

Sharply Squared Smaller Brooch with Amethyst Agate or Black Onyx (#S61)

Luckenbooth Heartshaped Brooch with Large Crown and Amethyst or Topaz Center Stone (#E02)

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