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Clan Badges & Kilt Pins

Custom Boy's Highlander Kilt - Made in Scotland with plenty of pleats, great for hiking & games.
Great wearing teflon finish. Get matching miniplaid, and flashes with large brooch.
Order child's hose by size.

Clan Crest Badge - Made in Scotland of lead free pewter. We have over 250 available. As we stock some of the more common requested clans, pleae call for stock. Others are stocked with US our US distributors and available quickly.  Otherwise 4 weeks should be anticipated.

Ireland Hat Badge (Harp)

Ireland Kilt Pin (Shamrock)

Irish Harp Kilt Pin (#IKP-1)

Irish Shamrock Kilt Pin (#IKP-2)

Clan Crest Kilt Pin

Thistle Kilt Pin (#TKP-1)

U.S. Marine Kilt Pin - Has insignia in goldplate and sword in art pewter.

Luckenbooth in an Eye-Catching Thistle Flowers and Stems with Cabochan Amethysts (#S71)

Standing Thistle Pin (#E20)

Graceful 3-Leafed Thistle Pin (#E71)

Petite Pin with Center Amethyst Agate Stone Surrounded by Celtic Triknots (#S45)

Smaller Pin with Repeating Triknot in Circular Pattern and Center Green Marble Stone (#S46)

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