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Plain Black Balmoral

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Diced Glengarry

Glengarry - Full felt wool glengarry with satin rosette and ribbon tails.

Ireland Hat Badge (Harp) - The harp and the heart are national symbols of Ireland.  This badge (or kilt pins) can be worn on the hat or as a brooch to fasten the plaid, sash, or scarf.  Fasten the latch carefully so that it is locked in place and will stay where it is fastened.

Tartan Irish and Scottish Driving Cap for Adult Sizes - Tartan Driving/Golf Cap with your choice of lightweight tartan wool.  
Need inches around head just at the top of the eye brows.

Tartan Balmoral Cap with Knit Wool Stretch Band - Band stretches to fit. Made from lightweight tartan fabric.  Pick your tartan.

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